My name is Sarah Slayman, and I’m a student from Columbus, Ohio currently studying Communications at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. I'm focusing on both photojournalism & videography with the hope of using these mediums to provoke compassion and understanding, or simply a remembrance of the beauty in people’s mundane.

I have been coming alongside various ministries to communicate their message, their passion, and ultimately the truth of the gospel through visuals. I believe that photographs and films have the ability to provoke movement by inviting people into distant realities and bridging gaps with understanding.

I also truly love to create images of and for individuals or families that simply wish to remember the now. I am committed to portraying people’s stories with honesty, and find so much joy in highlighting the details that mean the most to them.

Photographs and films can cause people to greater appreciate their realities, and notice beauty that could' have otherwise gone unrecognized. There is so much beauty in people's "in-betweens" that are worth being celebrated and remembered. Documenting a moment allows it to be appreciated past its time, and I find it an honor to capture them.

I'd love to work with you and your vision! Click the envelope icon at the bottom of the page, and we can start the conversation.